What Gift is This #1

by Maredudd Cymysglyd ap Cynan

(©1994, Eric C. Smith)

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What gift is this I bring to thee! So rare
A thing to bring a trembling heart to joy,
To sooth the fierce and troubled soul, and dare
To show that life is meant to but enjoy.
What gift is this I give to thee! No ilk
Of burning incense with its airs adrift,
No ring of gold, nor gems, nor finest silk,
Yet seeming made of common things, this gift.
Like sunlight shining down upon the grass,
Does bring to life the joy of hope sincere,
And like the sun when eve'n comes to pass
The gift eclipsed leaves memories of cheer.
T'is laughter fills the spirit full of mirth
And brings together heart and soul's rebirth.


I entered this sonnet in Winter Art/Sci in AS XXIX with full documentation. In final judging, this Sonnet won a Non-Pariel.

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