Gregory and the Sidhe

by Maredudd Cymysglyd ap Cynan, Pencenedl, Ty Bondu
(Another story written during the reign of and for Thier Once Royal Majesties,
Gregory and Maisie of Trimaris)
©1997, Eric C. Smith

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The King and Queen of Trimaris were traveling about their kingdom when they were set upon be a group of sidhe warriors riding great white stallions whose ears were as red as the blood of a hound. The King and his companions faught hard and finally routed the sidhe, but the King was angry and called for his companions to join him in persuit. They ran for many miles, never quite catching the sidhe, until the strange warriors disapeared into a hole beneath a hill. The King, still angry, refusing to let the sidhe wwarriors escape, plunged into the hole, calling for his Queen and their companions to follow after. Unfortunately, as they passed beneath the hill, the King and his band were plunged into darkness. The band searched for a way out of the darkness for a long time, and when they finally found an exit, they quickly departed from beneath the hill. To their amazment, they found themselves in the lands far to the north of Trimaris, in the Kingdom of Meridies.

Though in a land far from their home, the King and Queen of Trimaris, and of course their companions, did not take long to find civilization, for Meridies is well known for the Chivalry and the Honor of its people. The band of Trimarian quickly found themselves surrounded by such people, for they had stumbled into a celebration of the crowning of a new King and Queen and were soon being treated with the utmost in curtousy and chivalry as visiting Royalty. It was then that Gregory and Maisie of Trimaris met those who could have been twins to themselves in the personages of the King and Queen of Meridies, Padruig and Linnet. There were many thing these two couples shared in common, so much so that one might think they were soul brothers and sisters. A great time was had by all as the celebration ended in a great feast, the likes of which few Trimarians have ever witnessed. At this feast were Knights so numerous that if you could hardly move without bumping into them. So to there were countless Lords and Ladies as well as the many craftsmen of the kitchen and of the brew house as the fair for the evening was served. The spirit of fun was running high that night, so high in fact that a great contest began to see whose was the greatest aim with the fair for the night. It was even said that on that night, the aim of the King of Meridies was better than that of the greatest welshman, and this proven with the greatest of respect.

But in the end though, Gregory and Maisie had to return to Trimaris and their new friends, among the royalty as well as the retainers, bid each other a fond farwell, and the King and Queen of Trimaris led their companions home once more.

But you might ask, what happened to the sidhe warriors? No more was seen of these warriors after they plunged into the darkness beneath the hill. No more were they seen, but they did have the last laugh, for as the King and Queen and their companions left the darkness under the hill, the mighty sidhe warriors cast a spell upon them. The spell did not make itself felt though until the band of travellers returned to their homeland, for that was the nature of the spell. And what was the effect of the spell? It was simple. That each member of the band would be plagued by the sniffling of their noses, their tickling of the throats, the weezing of their lungs, and the burning of their foreheads. It is in this condition that the Dread Lord and his Dread Lady of Trimaris returned to their Kingdom.

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