Blackroot Farms Proudly Presents
With Tremendous Cooperation From
Stonewall Blanche and Stonewall Stella

Blackroot Farm's 2006 Foals


Blackroot's Stonewall Nyx


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Blackroot's Stonewall Gwynwvere



Nyx (at two hrs) and Blanche
Gwyn (at two days) and Stella
  On May 3rd, 2006, at 7:40 AM, Stonewall Blanche foaled a beautiful coal black filly. The filly was standing on her own within twenty minutes and was climbed to its feet by herself within an hour. She had food and passed her meconium within two hours. All round, she seems to be perfectly healthy! She shows definite app characteristics and we believe she will roan out to have some color as well.   On May 11th, 2006, at 11:15 PM, Stonewall Stella foaled a beautiful coal black filly, with snowflakes on her bum. The filly was standing on her own within thirty minutes and didn't lay down until daylight. In fact, it is now two months later and she hasn't stopped to take a breath yet! Oh, by the way, we think she's going to be an excellent Hunter/Jumper prospect. She is fearless, and by six weeks old she had gracefully cleared a four foot fence three times.  
The Foals Particulars
  Name: Blackroot's Stonewall Nyx   Name: Blackroot's Stonewall Guinevere  
Sire: Fabian (Friesian) Son of Jelke 367   Sire: Uno (Friesian) Son of Wicher 334
Dam: Stonewall Blanche
(Stonewall SptHrs, 1/2 Perch, 1/4 App, 1/4 Thbrd
  Dam: Stonewall Stella
(Stonewall SptHrs, 1/2 Perch, 1/4 App, 1/4 Thbrd
Coat: Black (just like her daddy!) with minimum Appaloosa Characteristics.   Coat: Black (just like her daddy!) with snow flakes on her bum..
Height: 10.1 Hands (41 inches) at birth   Height: 10 Hands (40 inches) at birth
Weight: Approximately 130 lbs at birth   Weight: Approximately 120 lbs at birth
Est. Adult Height: 17.1 hh   Est Adult Height: 16.1 hh
Projected Development: Nyx is looking very Baroque and will end up with her daddy's Big Hair! She has a very calm nature, like her mom, and is a smart little (big) baby.. She is easy to teach and eager to please.   Projected Development: Gwen is well refined with sturdy bone structure and good muscle definition. Gwen has a very baroque look as well. Her moma is the boss mare, and Gwen looks like she will be too, though she loves people and attention.  

Foals for Sale!

  Starting price for both Blackroot's Stonewall Nyx and Blackroot's Stonewall Gwynevere will begin at $8000 each plus a foal back. For more specific terms contact Cheri Smith at or call us at (321)385-9563. No calls after 10:00 PM Eastern.  


  July 4th, 2006: Well, it looks like the little girls are going to be just fine around fireworks! We had a heck of a party with lots of fireworks to frighten off the bird's. Fortunately, after the first few explosions, both girls, just like their moms, took it all in stride!  

August 15, 2006: Congratulations to Mary Booher, the proud new owner of Blackroot's Stonewall Nyx!



January 28, 2007: Here is a bit of Gwyn. For more information you may contact Eric and Cheri at Cheri@Blackroot.Org