Blackroot's September 2004 Litter

Puppy #4 - Charlie



Charley is the smallest, and yet he gives Ivan a run for his money, or . . maybe that should be kibble?  
  Well, its not our fault he had to take a nap! He was only doing what his mum told him!

Cute isn't he . . . no I meant the puppy silly. The Step Daughter calls him Pepe after Pepé Lé Pue, due mostly to the white stipe down his back.

Oh, she calls the puppy Charley!

  Yet another view of Pepé, I mean Charley taking a nap in Tristan's lap.  
Here is Charley at 12 weeks.  

"And then a great big spider dropped out of the . . ."

Charley at 14 weeks.

"Smile for the camera!"  





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