"Alphabet Works"

 by Nancy MacInnis
(©Nancy MacInnis 1998)


Abe the ape
stood with his mouth agape
at the great, bountiful shape
of a huge purple grape


Bee the bubbly bumble-bee
buzzed off to the doctor to see
if her poor Œol bandaged knee
would ever bounce back free!


Carmine the kitty-cat
cunningly clawed where she sat
over the proposal of Ricky the rat
to condone or not condone that hat!


Dennis the dapper dinosaur
danced across the dining room floor
to a Danish dirge of lore
done to a beat of two-four


Effervescent energy eked
out of my pores it leaked
down the bed to the floor
Œtil it seeped out the door


Far, far the forest floor
reaches to a land no more
Forever out of touch for me
too far for the eyes to see


Gee whiz! Girlfriend!
Golly gee boyfriend!
How did it all begin then?
And when will it all end?


How about now?
In the middle of the hot happy day
Happening now, about how?
In the hot middle day, a happy way!


I, am an I, am an I
I, am an I, I cry!
I do not lie, I do not belie
I, am an I, am I


Jolly, jellyroll joke
jumped to the jingling sound
of the falling money found
for the egg yokes crashing to the ground


A kind kangaroo king
was found doing the swing
with a quirky queen quail
who put out a continuous wail


Lost down lovers lane
my love is not the same
as when I first boarded love's train
and began to play this game


Mother's month of May
springs forth a flower spray
of rainbows across the earth
of each miraculous birth


Nancy the nanny goat did
wish and pray for a kid
she never did give up hope
no, never- never, nope


Orange orangutan went down to the seashore
to call upon the octopus he met before
but when he gave his name a shout
the osprey replied "He is out!"


Pink pajamas on the purple parrot
running down the lane to the slumber party
when she arrived there was nobody there yet
so she stopped at the cockatoo‚s for hot tea


Wailing queen quail twirled and dipped
as king kangaroo softly quipped
and both had a jolly Œol time
playing their part in this rhyme


Round about then Rusty the rattlesnake
slithered down to the edge of the lake
there he met his friend Sally skink
where they both settled in for a drink


Suddenly SHE sauntered in
to take her place again
and she shouted something severe
"You're not suppose to be here!"


Totally touched to the tibia
Tom turtle talked of his Lidia
"Tiny and frail, oh my what a tail!
There's not a lovelier type of amphibia!"


Up under the umbrella
I met a curious fella
He walked on his hands
through the rocks and the sands
such a curious fella, I tell ya!


Violet violins painted on a vase
Yes I saw this in that old abandoned place
along with a viola on a gondola
you must see it now, make haste!


A wallop of a whale
splashed a wall of water on me
He started off in the bay
then went bounding towards the sea


Xerxes the xylophone
had to have an x-ray all alone
the doctor said stop
The X marks the spot


"Yes!" said the yellow yak
"That doctor is a quack
I've been to him before
and I'll go to him no more-
He said I had a bad back!"


Zolla the zebra played the zither
she played it at the zoo, she played it hither
Zaney the azalea, said "Hey what ails ya?
Can't you see your playing makes me witha!!"

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