The Great Book of Dunstable

The Great Book of Dunstable is the repository of all recipies, be they for Meads, Ales, Liquours, or Wines that the members of the Brotherhood wishes to pass down to posterity. Browse through the book and feel free to try any recipies you find therein. Also feel free to add comentary to any recipies already listed within the Great Book. Finally, if you have a recipe which you feel worthey of submission, know that all recipies are welcome.



A lot of work needs to be done on this site. Besides the general administravia and the graphics, both of which I will be working on, all scripting and database stuff needs to be developed. This may also be a good place for some Java. The team will discuss this over the next several weeks. ECS

This page is going to require more FORMS and CGI to interface with the Great Book.

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