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NEWS FLASH! - Foals for Sale!
Our Beautiful Stonewall Sport Horses!!!!

To see the stallion Stella is bred to, see Uno at Abacus Farms!

Blanche is also bred, to the beautiful Friesian stallion, Fabian.

Blanche is due May 5, 2006 and Stella is due May 14. Both foals are for sale. Stella is carrying a filly.


Here are the Girls making their 3,000 mile Journey Across America, from California to Washington, D.C.
Here are some lovely pictures taken while they still lived at Abacus Farms
Blanche looking pretty, doing derssage,....


Stella's baby from last year, a few hours old. He was huge! 155 lbs!


And now, some pictures of the Ladies at their home in Mims, Florida!

We are weeks away from babies hitting the ground! (today is 4/3/2006)
Stella looking pretty
Check out the belly! 5 weeks to go!
I tried to get Blanche to stand a little more under, but she says her belly just needs the extra swinging space! She has 4 weeks to go!
My friend Elitha and I have been doing a little light riding. I still don't have bridles or saddles, and have to ride bareback using their harness bridles or their halters for steering. Stella is on the right, with Elitha. All you can see of me is my horse-dirty butt, =-)
Stella has funky spots,... She has "invisable" spots, which lay flatter than the rest of her white coat, and buckskin spots, like this one on her elbow.
Dare I say it? The End? hee hee hee! For now, anyway,.... Stay tuned for pictures of the babies!!!!
These pics were taken a few months ago, so here are the bellies are at 8 months along,...
Cheri' on Blanche
Elitha on Stella

Then there is are the Deer

(including these two fawns that were born on June 1st)


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